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Why in the World Wide Web?

posted Jan 16, 2012, 11:15 PM by Admin Roman Sigma

The Educational Technology Journal

Vol 6|No 6|March|1997 

Why in the World Wide Web?

Note: This article appeared in the January, 1997 issue of Technology & Learningand is copyrighted by Jamie McKenzie.

Given the capacity to launch a school Web site, the question logically becomes . . .

"Why bother? What's the point of this exercise?"

I. Four Primary Goals for a School Web Site

Web sites - properly constructed - are information systems. They efficiently structure content to provide visitors with knowledge and insight. They deliver "the goods."

Web sites may also serve as "interfaces" providing bridges and translations to connect users to other wordly experiences. Given the sometimes poorly organized resources available on the Web, a good school Web site helps people find educationally worthwhile information with a minimum of wasted time and wandering....